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Cosmo Films: One of the World’s Largest Manufacturer for Labeling, Packaging and Lamination Films

Cosmo Films: One of the World’s Largest Manufacturer for Labeling, Packaging and Lamination Films

Are You Struggling with inefficient Labeling, Packaging & Lamination for your products? From basic to luxury or commercial goods, packaging forms an essential part of the product. While initially used to prevent spoilage or damage and facilitate transportation of bulk products, it now serves multiple other purposes, like making the product aesthetically appealing to boost sales. At Cosmo Films, we are one of the world’s largest specialty film manufacturers, engineering a range of labeling, packaging & lamination solutions since 1981. We are trusted by global brands for high-quality, efficient & sustainable solutions that are suitable for diverse applications.

In this blog post, we are going to take you through our extensive range of speciality films.

Packaging Films

We manufacture BOPP and CPP-based flexible packaging films for top FMCG brands worldwide. Our films are resistant to water & oil and provide a barrier against gases, increasing the shelf life of packaged products. Below are the key benefits of Cosmo Packaging Films:

  • Resistant to water, gases & oil
  • High print quality
  • Resistant to Heat
  • Extremely flexible with low seal temperature
  • Completely Recyclable

We offer different kinds of packaging films to suit a variety of applications. This includes Barrier Films, Heat Resistant Films, Printing & Pouching Films & Overwrap Films.

Lamination Films

Our range of Lamination Films are designed to provide longevity to the printed surface and is used in the publishing and graphic art film segments. From books to luxury product cartons or shopping bags, our films have multiple applications. Below are the key features of Cosmo Lamination Films:

– High print quality
– Increases the shelf life of products
– Available in different textures & designs
– Serves printers, laminators & packaging manufacturers

We have engineered different types of lamination films, which include Premium Lamination, Standard Range & Special Applications.

Label Films

Cosmo Films has helped brands overcome the challenge of label misprint or damage. This is one of the major issues as misprinted or damaged labels go on to say about the company’s negligence of quality and fails to inform the audience. Below are the key features of Cosmo Label Films:

– Superior adhesion
– High print quality; eliminates misprint chances
– Aesthetically appealing metal, pearlized & white options

We’ve engineered different kinds of label films to suit a variety of applications like paint boxes, bottles, cosmetics, etc. Our range includes Pressure Sensitive, Wrap Around & In Mould Label Films

Cosmo Synthetic Paper

A revolutionary substitute of wood-pulp paper, Cosmo Synthetic Paper is perfect for durable applications. It’s a BOPP-based film that requires zero deforestation in the making and promotes recycling. Below are the key features of Cosmo Synthetic Paper:

– Eco-Friendly Tear-proof paper for durable applications
– Resistant to water, moisture & oil
– High print quality

It has a variety of applications that include books, labels & tags, ID cards, backlit entertainment boards, certificates & marksheets, menu cards, and so on.


Our products are checked for quality and are far superior to anything currently available in the market. We have an efficient Research & Development team that has allowed us to innovate and engineer unique product solutions for our customers. For more information, you can feel free to contact us & our friendly support will get back to you.

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