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Cosmo Synthetic Paper- A Great Way to Save Money & Reduce Waste

Cosmo Synthetic Paper- A Great Way to Save Money & Reduce Waste

Businesses in the printing industry maximise profits by finding a way to tackle multiple problems at the same time. However, reaching such a pinnacle isn't an easy feat. The best way to speed up this journey is by getting over crucial challenges, such as saving money in the current workflow. Add to that the social responsibility of reducing waste and most companies look lost.

If you want to rise over these issues, you have arrived at the right place. Cosmo Films have come up with the perfect solution that can shoot both these birds with one stone.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper

This is the revolutionary answer you were looking for. Cosmo Synthetic Paper (or CSP) is a Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) based film that resembles the look & feel of pulp-based paper. It can be used in applications as a direct replacement for traditional paper wherever durability is desired. The biaxial orientation of CSP is responsible for its improved toughness, tear-free nature and resistance to water, oil and grease.

Now that you know what it is, let's dive into how it will save your money & reduce waste at the same time.

No Lamination Needed

Lamination gives a print a layer of protection from external factors. Unfortunately, with time, it loses adhesion to the print and comes off (starting from the edges).

This problem will be a thing of the past with CSP's waterproof & weatherproof features coupled with excellent resistance to physical damage. This opens up a chance to save big by avoiding the high cost of lamination altogether.

Durable & Versatile

We cannot stress how durable our version of synthetic paper is! From production to storage, it ensures to save the business from unwanted costs to fix units or throw them away as waste because of minor imperfections.

This nature makes CSP highly versatile. It finds its applications in commercial printing, printing identification or similar credentials, prints used in retail, and even huge outdoor billboards. Instead of spending chunks of money researching different materials to fill these applications, you can use CSP for all of them.

Printing Compatibility

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is compatible with diverse printers & printing techniques. This helps cut costs for the companies as they don't have to invest in new equipment to use CSP in their applications.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

There is a prevalent myth that sustainable solutions that aim to reduce waste are costly options with no real benefits. While they cost a few nickels more, their benefits for the planet and your business are unparalleled.

CSP understands this and starts minimizing wastage in its manufacturing process itself. Efforts are put to make the manufacturing process as less power-consuming as possible. Waste/scrap materials are reused to cut back on total wastage.


What better way to reduce waste than recycling?

CSP recognizes recycling as the need of the hour. Even before it is recycled, it can be reused after being written on with a pencil as, just like paper, it's erasable.

There are many benefits apart from these. Here are a few of them:

 1. Superior tensile strength

 2. Dimensionally stable

 3. Can be folded, stapled, sheeted, serrated, hot foil stamped, & more...

Want to use CSP to save money in the long run? Connect with our experts and let them guide you.

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