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Cosmo Synthetic Paper: Your New Partner for the Printing of Certificates and Marksheets

Cosmo Synthetic Paper: Your New Partner for the Printing of Certificates and Marksheets

The education sector is one of the largest consumers of paper. From notebooks to maps, certificates & diplomas, paper is used in almost every activity. But the use of regular paper in universities & schools turns out to be an inefficient & non-sustainable solution, especially for durable applications like certificates, maps, diplomas, book covers and more. The key challenges in using regular paper are:

  • It is vulnerable, prone to damage.
  • It increases global deforestation.
  • When used with lamination, it is prone to peeling & scratches.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) has turned out to be a perfect replacement for the conventional wood-pulp paper in durable applications for the education industry. CSP offers multiple benefits that resonate with industry needs and help in achieving both efficiency & sustainability. Scroll down to explore how.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) is a white opaque, co-extruded, polypropylene-based BOPP film. It very closely resembles the conventional paper, yet has much more to offer. Made using synthetic substrates, it is extremely durable & eco-friendly as it involves no deforestation in the making. Thus, it’s the perfect substitute for wood-pulp paper in durable applications.

Mark sheets & diplomas are documents that students need even after they’ve completed their education. However, when printed on regular paper, these documents are prone to damage. They need the support of lamination, which again is expensive & not so durable. That is why universities are now switching to Cosmo Synthetic Paper for mark sheets, certificates, or diplomas. Here’s why:

CSP, designed to provide better durability, is made using synthetic substrates that offer distinct capabilities to the paper. CSP is:

  • Non-Tearable
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to oil & chemicals

Regular paper and even lamination start curling from the edges after a period of time. As a result, the users have to change the lamination from time to time to keep their documents intact. CSP eliminates the chances of curling from the edges with its excellent lay-flat property. Thus, mark sheets printed on CSP stay intact for years.

The major challenge of using a synthetic substrate is ensuring print compatibility. CSP is a versatile solution that is compatible with multiple printing processes and technologies, including digital, thermal transfer, flexography, UV offset/inkjet & more.

To avoid duplication or forgery of documents, users can add security features like micro printing, blind embossing, high-resolution border, invisible printing, void pantograph, hot foil stamping, watermark, serial numbering, QR code, prismatic printing, and others to documents printed on CSP.

The paper industry is a major reason for global deforestation. And with universities & schools consuming an enormous amount of paper in day-to-day use, they, too, are contributing to the deforestation process. CSP, made using synthetic substrates, does not require cutting down of trees in the production process, thus reducing deforestation and becoming an eco-friendly & durable substitute for conventional paper.

At Cosmo Films, we have partnered with multiple universities, Govt. institutions & schools to help them leverage the benefits of this revolutionary solution. We are creating a difference by delivering eco-friendly & efficient solutions for you & the environment. To know more about our product or to request free samples, you can connect with our executive.

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