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CPP Films – The Versatile Polymer

CPP Films – The Versatile Polymer

Polypropylene film or PP is a low density plastic film. The most important types of PP are cast polypropylene (CPP) and bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Cosmo Films offer both these types of PP films. While BOPP is a more commonly known polypropylene film, the use of CPP in the food, pharmaceutical, flower, textiles and several other industries are consistently gaining popularity.

Some of the differences between CPP and BOPP are listed below for better understanding:

  1. CPP is a soft film like polyethylene, whereas BOPP is a bit stiff and crinkly
  2. CPP does not dead-fold well due to its natural living hinge, whereas BOPP has better dead-fold characteristics.
  3. CPP can be ultrasonically or thermally sealed without the use of any specialty coatings, whereas BOPP does not heat seal well without the use of specialty heat seal coatings.
  4. While BOPP films have better barrier properties than CPP, CPP has better barrier properties than most other polyethylene and PVC films.

Cast polypropylene film is gaining favour as the material of choice in both traditional flexible packaging as well as non-packing applications. CPP has a higher tear and impact resistance, and better cold temperature performance and heat-sealing properties as compare to BOPP. There are various type of CPP films like general CPP, retort grade CPP, metalized CPP, solid white CPP and several other applications depending on the requirement and end application.

Some of the major benefits of CPP are listed below:

  • Excellent heat seal strength, high puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent packaging integrity at extreme temperatures and high heat resistance
  • No impact on the coefficient of friction (COF) control
  • High yield per unit area and low specific weight (0.91 g/cm3)
  • Offers good moisture barrier
  • High transparency

The health care and pharmaceutical industries use CPP films for packaging of drugs for extended periods of time since CPP films can protect against contamination. Application in other industries includes stand-up re-closable pouches, multi layered laminations, side-weld seal bags, flower and twist wraps.

Some of the major applications of CPP are listed below:

  • Food Wraps or Candy/Confectionery packaging
  • Bakery Products
  • Lamination
  • Garment Bags
  • Retort Packaging
  • Stationery Packaging
  • Vacuum Metallization
  • Deep Freeze Application
  • Over Wrap
  • Floral Wraps

Metalized and General CPP films are the two leading types of CPP films used in the market. While the demand for CPP is higher in more developed countries like U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, the two countries that dominate in the use of CPP in the Asia Pacific region are India and China. With manufacturing units in India, Korea, and the USA, Cosmo Films is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of CPP & BOPP films in polypropylene films category.

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