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Why use DT BOPP Films for Printing Labels

Why use DT BOPP Films for Printing Labels

Direct Thermal Printing is a popular technique used to print memos, tags, labels, barcodes & similar applications, which do not need elaborate printing. It parts from the traditional methods that require ribbon, toner or ink, and instead uses a special substrate that facilitates a chemical reaction between the print head & the surface for printing.
In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the benefits of DTP films & their various applications.


  1. Increases Speed: The printing speed of DTP film is extremely fast. That is why most retail outlets, for instance, a gas station or grocery store, use DTP films to print their memos or label their products. In thermal printing, the print head does not constantly move back & forth and applies direct heat to the film for printing. It is extremely efficient in large-scale applications like printing hundreds of shipping labels.
  2. Reduces Cost: DTP method reduces the cost of production as it does not require the use of toner, ink, or ribbon in the printing process. Thus, you do not have to invest in ink cartridges, bringing down your printing cost substantially.
  3. Accuracy: In thermal labels, the ink is embedded in the paper/film and does not come from paper, increasing the accuracy. This also reduces the chances of ink smudges as the ink does not come from the printer head. It is widely used for EKGs since doctors need high accuracy.

DTP films are widely used in applications like:

  • Airline baggage tags
  • Ready-made food labels
  • Industrial bar code applications
  • Retail price marking
  • Logistics labels
  • Courier industry labels
  • Fruits & Meat labels

At Cosmo Films, we are the only producer of DT BOPP films with captive manufacturing of films to final products. We aim to replace the traditionally used paper surfaces with our extremely durable solution. Our DT BOPP films are designed using BOPP substrate, making them extremely durable as compared to paper-based DTP solutions. We are helping organizations achieve longevity & amazing print for their applications, alongside multiple other benefits.
We produce our DT BOPP films in multiple variants to meet unique requirements. Our variants differ in thickness & finish. Cosmo DT BOPP films are available in 60/75/100 microns’ thickness. Also, below are its common types:

  • Top-coated
  • Non-coated
  • Matte Finish

Do most of your airline baggage reach the final destination without tags? Or do your labels get damaged in the rough logistics cycle? Since all Direct Thermal Printing substrates employ the same print technique, they do not smudge yet are left with high chances of ink fading, tearing, or damage when in contact with water/oil. Cosmo DT BOPP films provide an edge to its users by helping them overcome these challenges and enhancing the longevity of their application. Connect with our experts to know more about Cosmo DT BOPP films.

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