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Exploring the Unique Characteristics of High Shrink PET-G Films

Exploring the Unique Characteristics of High Shrink PET-G Films

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol films, or PET-G films, are clear, highly durable, and transparent plastic films made from Polyester (PET) resin that has been modified using Glycol and, hence, the name PET-G.

The PET-G films market has been witnessing significant growth and was valued at USD 397 million in 2023 and is anticipated to reach USD 737.5 million by 2030. This growth is the result of increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions across various industries.

Let's read this blog below and learn about the characteristics of high-shrink PET-G films.

Characteristics of High Shrink PETG Films

  1. Excellent Shrinkability : PET-G films are high-shrink polyester films with uniform shrinkage. When exposed to heat, the film can shrink up to a predetermined percentage. The high shrinkability allows the PET-G film to conform tightly to the product's shape, providing a snug and tamper-evident seal.
  2. Enhanced Transparency : These polyester films are transparent and allow for the packaged product to be easily visible. This is beneficial in retail applications as it allows for an easy view of the product, as product appearance is one of the essential selling points.
  3. Highly Durable : PET-G films provide enhanced protection against environmental factors like dust and moisture. These films offer excellent protection during product transportation and storage.
  4. Superior Printability : Our PET-G films deliver superior printability and do not show any fisheyes, which occurs due to the molten material present in the film.
  5. Versatile : PET-G films can be used for products such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, customer goods, and more.
  6. Heat-Sealable : Polyethylene terephthalate glycol films are heat sealable films. These films shrink and tightly adhere to the product, creating a secure and tamper-resistant seal.
  7. Branding & Labelling : These printing films can be printed with high-quality logos, graphics, and product information. This helps with the effective branding and labeling of packaged products.
  8. Recyclable : PET-G films by Cosmo Films are recyclable and considered environment friendly compared to other Shrink Films.

Cosmo Films high shrink PET-G films are a compelling alternative to traditional shrink wrap options. Superior shrinkage, excellent clarity, strength, and environmental advantages make these PET-G films a versatile and sustainable choice for a variety of flexible film packaging needs. If you're looking for a way to enhance your product presentation, improve protection, and promote sustainability, contact us for high shrink PET-G films.

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