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Holographic Films and Its Applications

Holographic Films and Its Applications

Holographic films are available in assortment of metalized acceding backed films. They mostly extend amazingly attractive visual effects including nacreous rainbow finishes, surface textures and the holographic diffraction.

Holographic is not the typical PSA film, it is infact made from PVC film or metalized PET with a brocaded foil layer giving it a unique character. Holographic diffraction effects are brocaded in around 2.5 – 3mil face film and is then laminated with UV protectant which is water based and is glossy and the top coated according to the needs.

Holographic Applications

These films are used on regular basis on endless products, for instance on aquariums, zippo lighters, race cars, roller skates, store shelving and snow mobiles.

Here i have jotted down some of the applications of Holographic Films:

Motor Sports: holographic films are being used since ages to highlight the display of numbers or content written on the car doors and used in their designing. People from USA and Europe have been finding it appealing. The most popular design among them is the diffracto lite.

General signage: nowadays more comfortable and UV resistant holographics are available. Holographics are best on graphics and contrast is the most vital feature for the same. Highest visual contrast is Orange Chrome on a black substrate.

Retail window signage: while launching a promotion, POP signage constitutes the most important feature. Even for endorsing a beverage, holographic films are used to enhance the effects of the content. A shiny holographic film on a dark background is something that appeals the most to the eyes.

Shelf Liners: for lining on the store shelves of a costume jewellery store, holographic film is used. This is one of those brilliant market strategies that will appeal the most to the customers.

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