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The Need to Offer Sustainable Packaging & How to Do it Right

The Need to Offer Sustainable Packaging & How to Do it Right

The continuous degradation of the environment has prompted businesses to change the way they work. Eco-friendly drives, which were previously implemented by novel companies, are now becoming a standard practice to aid our ailing planet. It is a collective aim, but is every business doing its part?

The companies that sell products use packaging material to ensure the product’s look & safety. A myriad of products has been used for this over the years- ranging from paper to plastics. However, the immense number of products paired with the deteriorating state of the Earth prompts the need to switch to sustainable packaging.

What is Sustainable Packaging

To put it in simple terms, Sustainable Packaging refers to packing products specifically and using materials that lessen their environmental impact and ecological footprint.

Reducing packaging material paired with minimising waste are crucial components of this idea. For instance- Major companies like Apple & Samsung reduced the size of phone packaging to bring down the use of packaging material.

Need for Sustainable Packaging

Increased Packaging

Products require different types of packaging depending on their nature and target consumer.

Few companies rely on multiple layers of packaging to ensure product safety. Even if this doesn’t look unsustainable on paper, the need for more packaging material forces increased production and faster depletion of resources.

Increased Wastage

As packaging material increases, so does the waste. Multi-layered packaging methods produce large quantities of material waste. Even if there is a single layer of packaging, inefficient packaging products & practises could still contribute to the overall material waste.

Another aspect is the product waste because of low-grade packaging material. This type of packaging gets scuffed and torn, decreasing the product’s shelf appeal.

The shift towards sustainable packaging isn’t easy. Challenges like cost & convenience put a pause on the efforts to go sustainable by many companies. We offer a practical solution.

Packaging Films by Cosmo Films

Our experts predicted the need for sustainable packaging & came up with the best BOPP & CPP-based flexible packaging films that serves the purpose of top FMCG brands worldwide.

We understood unique requirements to pack different products and came up with packaging films that fulfil every need & broadly classified them into-

  • Printing & Pouching Films: Used to pack snacks, bakery products, fresh vegetables, etc. Our co-extruded BOPP films can be used as a mono web or laminate in both horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) & vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machines. It also has a broad heat seal temperature range, low COF & good ink adhesion.
  • Barrier Films: Used to pack oxygen-sensitive, high-fat content products like powdered drink sachets & sandwiches. It is coated on either side with lacquers/resins, depending on the variant. Our solvent-free BOPP films offer great machinability & are used in duplex/triplex laminate structures.
  • Ultra-high Barrier Films: Used to pack dry fruits, spices & ready-to-eat meals, our films have a top-notch moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) & oxygen transmission rate (OTR). These properties keep the external factors at bay & make it perfect to keep the product fresh & consumable. It also offers mineral oil resistance.
  • Overwrap Films: Used for general, cable & box overwrap, our range of overwrap films are BOPP-based & co-extruded with low heat sealing. It can easily run on high-speed machines while maintaining stiffness & shrinkage. Other features include- high whiteness index, good antistatic, excellent moisture barrier & high aroma barrier.

Benefits That Prove Our Excellence in Packaging Films

  • Excellent machinability
  • High resistance to heat, water, oil & gases
  • Top Print Quality
  • Good optical properties
  • High hot tact
  • Low & stable COF
  • 100% Recyclable

Going the sustainable route is the need of the hour, which is recognised by the consumers too. By supporting this noble cause, you can increase your customer base & brand loyalty as well.

Our flexible packaging films solve your packaging problems while helping you lend a hand to squash global wastage.

Contact our experts to know more.

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