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Products that Promise to Bring Smiles during the Festive Season

Products that Promise to Bring Smiles during the Festive Season

The season of festivities is upon us once again. Is your brand ready for this peak season?

Everyone shopping for products is spoilt with options. Among the sea of products, it is a few factors like the look, feel and overall durability of packaging, wrapping and labelling that help your product stand out to attract buyers. Making your products ready for a festive season is where Cosmo Films come in. Our extensive range of products promises to bring a smile to both your & your customer’s face.

Here are a few that do it perfectly!

Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Festive rush isn’t just limited to retail stores. People take the time out to visit new cities, buy new clothes, and get cards for each other. What if we tell you there is a product that aids with Commercial Printing, Tags & Labels, Retail & Packaging, Identification & Credentials and Outdoor categories?

Presenting the crème de la crème of synthetic films, Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP)! It is a BOPP-based synthetic film that flaunts improved durability & printability when compared to its counterparts.

How does it improve your products?

• Cosmo Synthetic Paper is stretched in both directions, making it strong and non-tearable. Tags & labels printed on CSP don’t get torn throughout the life cycle of the product.

• Menu cards, maps & brochures printed on CSP are impervious to moisture, oil & chemicals, improving their durability & keeping them in mint condition for a long time.

• It is printable with most of the existing & latest printing technologies, producing vibrant colours that catch the eye of onlookers.

Barrier Films

Many people exchange sweets accompanied by other food & snack items to share the festive fun.

Barrier films by Cosmo Films are a BOPP-based barrier film that offers best-in-class machinability & barrier properties. It comes in many variants including transparent, white barrier & metalized films.

How does it improve your products?

• Barrier Films have excellent moisture, oxygen & aroma barrier which improves the shelf-life of packaged food items, keeping them fresh for a long time.

• It has a low seal threshold & a high seal strength coupled with outstanding hot tack properties & machinability which helps pack with speed and precision.

• Its amazing dimensional stability, stiffness & good gloss printing leads to attractive packaging that’s bound to increase your sales.

Premium Lamination Films

Apart from the eateries, festivals are marked by the exchange of gifts. Ensure that your gifts exude luxury by laminating with our Premium Lamination range.

Premium Lamination Films are our BOPP-based lamination films that have been designed keeping the needs of luxury packaging and high-end graphic lamination industries in mind.

How does it improve your products?

• Enhances products with a premium velvet finish that looks & feels amazing.

• Good resistance to scuff, elongation & tearing coupled with excellent optical properties.

• Strong bond strength with paper & is suitable for UV spot coating, foil stamping & varnishes.

Our range of products is made to help & improve brands & businesses alike. We are trusted by top FMCG brands around the globe and hope to add you to our list of happy customers.

Contact us to get in touch with our experts and know which film suits your requirement the best.

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