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Recycled Packaging Vs. Recyclable Packaging- Which is More Sustainable?

Recycled Packaging Vs. Recyclable Packaging- Which is More Sustainable?

Packaging is an unavoidable part of a product’s life cycle. It protects the product from damage & makes it look appealing to the buyers.
The ever-increasing number of products around the globe is pushing the packaging industry to meet their demands. This results in packaging waste & mismanagement that is harmful to our environment. On an estimate, waste by packaging material grew by a whopping 13 million tonnes in 10 years!

A major reason for this unfortunate data is the lack of recyclable, sustainable packaging.

Sustainable Packaging- A Pressing Priority
Sustainable packaging uses packaging types & techniques that reduce the environmental impact & ecological footprint. Shifting to this is the need of the hour. Big & small companies alike are all pitching in their efforts to reduce waste & improve environmental conditions.
There are two ways to go about this change-

  • Sustainable Packaging Techniques: These are techniques that target minor changes to the existing packaging style. Strategies like using smaller boxes or disassembling the product to fit in smaller packaging use a few percentages less packaging material. While this is a good start, it is not enough to make a big impact.
  • Sustainable Packaging Material: These are packaging materials that are made from biodegradable materials. Investing in this can make a mammoth impact in the long run. Apart from the individual properties, these films are recyclable.

To understand the latter better, one needs to know how recycled packaging differs from recyclable packaging.

Recycled Packaging Vs. Recyclable Packaging
People often use these terms interchangeably as both help in the recycling process, however, they are distinct.

Recycled Packaging
The statement–Made from recycled materials, exists on many products. Recycled packaging follows the same concept, with its origin lying in recycled objects. These objects can be plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, aluminium cans, etc.
Note that this packaging is ‘made’ by recyclable objects, but that doesn’t mean that the packaging itself is recyclable.

Recyclable Packaging
This type of packaging can be collected & remade into new products after they complete their first life cycle. They are eco-friendly & can be re-used multiple times. This packaging may or may not be made from recycled material.

Why is Knowing the Difference Important?
By understanding the difference between the two, one can decide the route they want their business to take. Recycled packaging utilizes reusable materials but isn’t recyclable itself.
So, to become sustainable, switching to recyclable packaging would be the best.

Packaging Films by Cosmo Films
They are BOPP & CPP-based flexible packaging films that offer superior print quality, excellent optical properties & importantly, are completely recyclable.
Our range of packaging films checks all the necessary boxes. It keeps the product fresh with its state-of-the-art moisture & aroma retention. It has a high hot tack with high heat seal strength. Excellent machinability, ink adhesion, & low yet stable COF supports this.

These come in four categories that cater to specific packaging requirements-

  • Printing & Pouching films
  • Barrier Films
  • Ultra-High Barrier Films
  • Overwrap Films

Each variant has special properties that help them pack a wide variety of products, including snacks, bakery items, oxygen-sensitive food, fresh-cut salad, cables, cardboards, etc. Our range of applications, superior quality films and completely recyclable nature has earned the trust of top FMCG brands from around the globe.

Want to join the change? Contact our team of experts to know more about our range of packaging films, their properties, exact specifications & how they can lead your business into a sustainable future.

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