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Exclusive Book Launch: Another Success Story of Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Exclusive Book Launch: Another Success Story of Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Yet again, Cosmo Synthetic Paper has proven its versatility & quality by turning a new project, a high quality art book, into a success. It’s a coffee table book titled ‘Dialects Of Silence’ which reflects the mood of Indian capital city during the four month lockdown; captured by an ace photographer, Parul Sharma in black and white. The images have been brought to life with printing of the book on Cosmo Synthetic Paper. It is the first time a high quality art book has been published on synthetic paper and we would like to thank Roli books, the publisher for this beautiful reproduction.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper brought the sensitivity & brilliance with which she captured each of the images to life. All the proceeds from this book launch are going to Cosmo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Cosmo Films, to support its various programs for the welfare of society. Read on to know more.

About the Book & Cosmo Synthetic Paper
The COVID-19 pandemic was a global challenge, and New Delhi, the capital city, became the centre of all economic & health crises. It saw both gloom & revival, from extreme lockdown to people going back to their normal lives. While the devastation was one side of the coin, the other side saw people joining hands and coming together to support each other. So did Cosmo Films, associating with photographer Parul Sharma and reputed Roli Films publication, for a coffee table book.

The ace photographer, Parul Sharma, captured the complete mood of Indian capital city during the four-month lockdown in black & white with the utmost sensitivity and skills. The visual story is printed on the non-tearable Cosmo Synthetic Paper for generations to read.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a replacement for the pulp-based paper. Its edge over wood pulp-based paper is its premium print quality, non-tear property, long-lasting durability and moisture & stain resistance. Currently used for several applications like tags & labels, menu cards and coasters, certificates & mark-sheets, calendars, banners, photo albums and carry bags, Cosmo Synthetic Paper has served as an ideal material for high-quality coffee table books as well.

Book Launch for a Cause
Proceeds from the sales of this book are going to support Cosmo Foundation’s Community outreach initiatives. Set up in 2008, Cosmo Foundation is led by Yamini Kumar Jaipuria (Managing Trustee, Cosmo Foundation) who has put in tremendous efforts to make its various programs for computer literacy, basic English learning, health and hygiene, and environment, a success. Also, the foundation was actively involved in supporting people across India to fight the economic & health crisis due to the Corona-induced lockdown by providing them with food, shelter, and running education & awareness programs even in this tough time. This book launch further helped us bring smiles to millions of new faces by supporting the initiatives of Cosmo Foundation.

The complete book launch turned out to be a huge success. It garnered appreciation from famous media houses like Condé Nast Traveller, Hindustan Times & Elle India, and celebrities & entrepreneurs including Tina Ambani, Suhel Seth, Suzzaine Khan & Ajay Devgan. Suhel Seth in his Instagram post said: “What an outstanding gesture by Ashok Jaipuria of Cosmo Films Ltd: he and his wife Yamini Japuria have brought to life this amazing book published on Cosmo Synthetic Paper. What is even more heartwarming is that the proceeds will go to the causes that Cosmo Foundation supports!” Cosmo Synthetic Paper not only brought the book to come alive with its superior print quality but also serves as the perfect substitute for traditionally used wood-pulp paper and prevents the cutting down of trees.

Want to know more about our product? Exclusive Book Launch: Another Success Story of Cosmo Synthetic PaperClick here to enquire.

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