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Explaining Different Types of Coated Packaging Films

Explaining Different Types of Coated Packaging Films

Packaging is a crucial part of a product’s life cycle. After the journey from raw materials to a finished product, the next step is helping the product reach its target customers.

There are many options to choose from and one must consider a plethora of factors before deciding. One of the most important factors is the nature of the product. While options like paper packaging look aesthetically pleasing, they cannot be used to pack products that could get spoilt by moisture.

Coated Packaging films are an excellent choice that ticks all the right boxes.

What are Coated Packaging Films?

Packaging films in general are decent for packing a variety of items. However, some of them demand an added layer of protection, either as a necessity or as a precaution. Coated films are packaging films coated with specific material on either or both sides of the film. The additional benefits of this type of film depend upon two characteristics:

  • The material/ treatment of the coating
  • The coated sides

Coated Packaging Films by Cosmo Films

We at Cosmo Films saw this demand & developed coated films to counter two of the biggest challenges the packaging industry is facing today:

  • Food wastage because of a short shelf life
  • Packaging material wastage

We provide three types of coated films that are trusted by top FMCG brands worldwide for food packaging & overwrapping.

  1. Transparent Barrier(Single Side Acrylic Coated) Film: BOPP-based films that are acrylic-coated on one side and treated on the other side.
  2. Transparent Barrier(Both Sides Acrylic Coated) Film: BOPP-based films that are clear and acrylic coated on both sides.
  3. Transparent Barrier (One Side Acrylic Other Side PVDC Coated) Film: BOPP-based films that are clear and acrylic coated on one side & PvdC coated on the other side.

We carefully made all the variants to service a wide range of products with their extensive list of features. Here are a few of them that make the most impact on packaging.

Packaging films often come in rolls to make them compatible with bulk packaging. If their machinability isn’t up to mark, it can cause problems like tears & blockage during the process. Our films offer great machinability. This means that they are highly efficient on machines, working well with a variety of them and producing flawless packaging in bulk.

Low Seal Threshold
To start the sealing process, flexible films have to reach a minimum temperature to activate their sealing properties. Our films have a low seal threshold, making it easier to attain the seal initiation temperature to achieve maximum seal strength without damaging the material.

Aroma Barrier
These types of packaging films are usually used to package food items to prolong food life. Aroma is a crucial factor to maintain the essence of freshness when the consumer opens the packaging. The aroma barrier of our films is top-notch, ensuring that the product stays fresh for a longer duration.

Moisture Control
Apart from the loss of aroma, moisture also ruins packaged food items. After it breaches, it reacts with the food and, in worse cases, develops moulds too. The coating on our film acts as a powerful barrier between the internal content & the external environment. This level of air & moisture control helps elongate the product’s shelf life.

That’s not it. There are others like high heat seal strength, solvent-free coating, dimensional stability, amazing stiffness and more. Our coated packaging films could be the answer your product was looking for.

Contact us to get all your technical doubts resolved.

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