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Why Customers Love Anti Mist/Anti Fog Film for Packaging

Why Customers Love Anti Mist/Anti Fog Film for Packaging

Fogging is a curse of the food packaging industry. The industry experts have opined that close to 50% of the packaged food meant for the human consumption is spoiled even before consumption. The reason is when fog forms on the food – vegetables and fruits, the items tend to spoil. This is a loss for the manufactures as it hinders sales. Thanks to the improvement and research in the food packaging techniques, there are ways to keep the products fresh, tasty and safe to eat. Effective packaging plays a vital role in keeping the food safe by delaying the onset of the fogging.

What is Fog?

The water droplets that form when water vapor condenses is known as fog. In packaging, this occurs when the temperature of the surface of the plastic material falls below a certain temperature.

The fog that you see inside a plastic packaging is because the water vapor has condensed on the surface of the food or the product. When food package is in a plastic packaging, the food stored in the packaging may have the high moisture content. When this is stored in a cold environment, water condenses leading to surface fogging. This can reduce the shelf life of the product as well as the quality.

Today there are anti-mist/anti-fog films available in the market. The packaging films available in the market are the treated anti-fogging additives and these are compliant with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Methods for Choosing Anti-fog/Anti-mist

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the percentage of the water content in the food.
  • The time duration between the packaging of the food item and its display at the store.
  • The adhesive type used
  • Finally, the film structure.

Why Customers love Anti-mist/ Anti-fog packaging Films

  • Customers prefer anti-mist film because they are ideal for shrink packaging as well as for shipping fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • A superior quality anti-fog film has clarity, high gloss as well as sheen for displaying the items well.
  • Unique anti-mist packaging is ideal for pre-washed vegetables as well as fruits.
  • The packaging films can be used in a gamut of equipment.
  • Last but not the least these films help retain the freshness as well as the cleanliness of the items.
  • Other areas where anti-fogging films are used
  • Apart from the packaging industry, anti-fogging/anti-misting films are used on the window panes to ensure minimal fogging during winter.
  • On the washroom, mirrors to ensure clear mirrors.

These films are also used on the goggles, eye glasses and protective masks to ensure anti-misting and excellent transparency while using them.

There is a wide assortment of anti-fogging films for you to choose from as per your requirements. Remember its used not only for packaging food but also has other uses.

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