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Why Pressure Sensitive Label Films are here to stay

Why Pressure Sensitive Label Films are here to stay

Packaging is the first point of contact for consumers in retail markets, and shelf appeal and print decoration are the two biggest deciding factors. Shelf appeal and print decoration not only bring identification to the brand, but they also enhance the appearance of a product. Needless to say, the role of labels in shelf appeal and print decoration of a product is crucial, and pressure sensitive label (PSL) films are the best choice. PSL films not only satisfy these two parameters, but exceed expectations and boost the product’s shelf appeal. What makes PSL films so special?

Pressure sensitive label films are universal printable films. This means these films provide excellent printability with most of the printing process like UV, flexography, gravure, screen, letterpress or offset. In addition, these films are compatible with special print effects like embossing, gold and silver foiling to enhance the look of the label.What’s more, these prints are also compatible with all ink-based systems such as UV and water-based. These obvious advantages of PSL films make them a natural choice for diversified industries like home and personal care, and food and beverage where a lot of importance is laid on the visual appeal. Pressure sensitive label films also find use in pharmaceutical products.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of PSL films.

1. Pressure sensitive label films provide excellent printability

Labels need to be attractive and catch eyeballs of the consumers. The print on the label determines whether the consumer will buy the product or not. A number of factors determine good printability of the label. But the two most important are the ink transfer to the film and the interaction between the printing ink and the label. Pressure sensitive label films fair very well on both these accounts.

2. Pressure sensitive label films offer great optics

This is perhaps the most decisive factor in packaging. Great printability and machinability enhance the optics. The compatibility of these films with different ink systems and printing processes, and the sophistication these films lend, make PSL films a visual treat. Great optics and shelf appeal of the products undoubtedly contribute to increased sales.

3. Pressure sensitive label films are known for their versatility

What makes these films so special is the fact that they can be used in a wide range of substrates. This explains why PSL films can be seen on nearly all kinds of consumer products ranging from food and beverage, wine and spirits to household chemicals.

4. Pressure sensitive label films allow accurate positioning

The characteristics of these films facilitate the manufacture of labeling machines that produce accurate placement of labels. As a result, one gets perfectly labeled containers as against poorly positioned labels that are placed by hand.

5. Pressure sensitive label films provide convenience

These films are sought after in packaging because of the convenience they bring to the entire labeling process. Pressure sensitive label films are already coated with adhesive. They are simple to use and one doesn’t have to deal with issues such as mess, clean-up, mixing or any other problems that occur during application.

It is important to know that one type doesn’t meet all labeling requirements. Which is why COSMO FILMS offers different kinds of PSL films to suit your requirements. Depending on the requirements and the products at hand, you can choose between these three variants.

1. Transparent pressure sensitive label films

Transparent PSL films are known for the ‘no label’ look. These films do not have any visible label edges, and also make it possible to highlight the contents of the package. These obvious advantages open up new opportunities for package designers and brand managers to make the product look as attractive as possible.

The more attractive and appealing the labels look, the more visibility and subsequent sales a product earns. The transparent PSL film also boasts of excellent printability and machinability, great optics and good stiffness. The film is available in wide varieties of microns. Transparent PSL films come in two variants. These are:

  1. Non top coated pressure sensitive label films
  2. Top and both sides coated pressure sensitive label films

2. White pressure sensitive label films

This type of film is known for its excellent machinability, high gloss and opacity, and like the previous type, spectacular print performance. It is very compatible with various ink systems like uv, water-based, etc., and the film’s print receptive coated surface allows excellent ink adhesion and high speed press performance. White PSL films come in three variants:

  1. Non top coated PS label films
  2. Top and both sides coated PS label films
  3. Digital printable film

3. Metalized Label Face Stock Film

As the name suggests, this film type offers an outstanding metallic appearance. These films have a coated print surface for excellent ink adhesion and high speed press performance. These pressure sensitive label films are mostly used for premium products in beverages and health & beauty segments. The metalized label face stock films come in two variants. These are:

  1. Metalized pressure sensitive label facestock film coated on non-metal side
  2. Metalized pressure sensitive label facestock film coated on metal side

PSL films come with some obvious advantages and with an ever increasing fight for shelf space in retail markets, these films are a natural choice. PSL films provide durability, tear resistance, great printability, optics, versatility, accuracy and convenience just to name a few. COSMO FILMS understands how important the right visual appeal and label quality is, and hence no matter what your product is, it offers the right kind of PSL film at the right price with the right technology so that your products stand out in every possible manner.

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