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Cosmo Synthetic Paper

As the name suggests, these films are white opaque treated paper look alike films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper replace paper in applications where non-tearability and moisture resistance is desired. This Clay Coated Paper or Film behaves like paper in terms of its folding endurance and printability. They are used in applications as varied as Security Paper, flip charts, calendars & maps, baggage & garment tags, brochures, posters, hotel menu cards, hospital file folders, nursery books, visiting cards & certificates. These Clay Coated Films/Papers are available in 40 – 400 microns.

Available Types:

CSP- III (2) P : Pearlised Non Coated synthetic Paper

Description :

It is a co-extruded, white opaque, both side corona treated paper like pearl film.

Features :

Non tearable Completely recyclable Totally moisture resistance Writes and prints like paper Excellent folding endurance Excellent tear and tensile strength Writable with pencil and ball point pen Unaffected by grease and common solvents Dimensionally stable, durable and weather resistant Printable by Offset and Silk screen processes Can be folded, sheeted, stapled, hot foil stamped, die punched, serrated and adhesive bonded

Applications :

Label and stickers Flip charts, calendars and maps baggage tags and garment tags Brochures, posters, hotel menu cards, nursery books, address diaries In-mold labels Visiting cards, certificates and playing cards Table mats, danglers and glow signs

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