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Barrier Films – An Apt Solution for Flexible Packaging

Barrier Films – An Apt Solution for Flexible Packaging

The packaging industry has drastically evolved in the past decade so much so that now when we think of packaging, the first thing that comes to our mind are the flexible, easy-to-carry pouches & not metal/glass containers. Flexible packaging has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing packaging solutions in the industry. While these have undergone many changes & improvements, one of the biggest innovations has been its contribution to the food industry in the form of BOPP-based Barrier Films. These films are widely used in the FMCG sector as they provide several barriers against external elements & keep the inside contents intact and fresh for a longer period of time.

Scroll down to know more about the benefits of BOPP-based barrier films for flexible packaging.

Barrier against Moisture, Gas & Chemicals

Products like medicines, food products or cosmetics are prone to damage with exposure to moisture, chemical or external gases including oxygen. Here’s how barrier films protect these products from damage:

  1. These are manufactured using Polypropylene material that is especially known for good chemical resistance.
  2. These films also showcase a high seal strength that prevents atmospheric moisture and gases like oxygen from entering & spoiling the inside contents.

Higher Yield

In general, BOPP based barrier films have a density of nearly 0.90 g/m, hence rendering a higher yield at a similar cost & making it extremely cost effective when compared to polyester films.

Environment Friendly

As opposed to the common myth, BOPP-based barrier films promote recycling and reuse (pouches with zip locks or spouts). These films can be recycled many times and at low costs. Also, it consumes less power while being manufactured.

Food Wastage Prevention

As per a report by the FAO, United Nations, inferior packaging is the cause of 50% of total food wastage across the world. This is because, from farm to plate, instances like exposure to oxygen or atmospheric moisture can cause undesirable reactions. Barrier films that act as a shield against chemicals, moisture & gases substantially decrease the chances of food spoilage. Additionally, it also keeps the inside aromas intact and the food stays fresh for a longer period of time. Owing to these reasons, many food-producing companies have now turned to barrier films that have undoubtedly proven to be highly beneficial in the food industry.

Packaging Design Innovation & Customization

  1. These can be molded into any shape and form including lay-down or stand-up pouches.
  2. It offers great print quality and enhances the final look of a product with its glossy appearance.

Cosmo Films, a leading manufacturer of packaging, lamination & labeling films and synthetic paper, produces a range of high-quality barrier films. Cosmo’s barrier films are made from BOPP or CPP films, manufactured with an aim to provide a barrier against moisture, gas & chemicals and reduce the consumption of packaging material.The company offers a range of variants to choose from including Transparent, White or Metalized and has also worked with several brands and converters to create completely recyclable barrier films. It has even replaced a 3 ply packaging structure with a 2 ply, and 1 ply structure with its Ultra-High Barrier Films.

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