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Benefits of Using Pouch Films for Packaging

Benefits of Using Pouch Films for Packaging

The consumer market is saturated with the food products of various companies. The various food brands are competing with one another to make their products stand out in the super market stands from dozens of similar products. Pouch bags or films help create brand awareness by increasing the attractiveness of the packaging.

Pouch bags are a form of flexible packaging. These are made either with several layers of aluminum, plastic and similar food grade materials. Pouch films are also known as standup bag, plastic pouch, or doy-pack. These pouches are strong and robust enough to protect the contents from physical as well as environmental hazards while transporting from one location to another. Here we look at the some of the advantages of using pouch films for packaging.

Top Benefits of Pouch Films

Environment friendly – Pouch films can be re-used to store as well as protect other foods once the original content is used up. Most of the pouch films come with re-sealable zip locks. This increases their convenience as well as value.

Easily transported – Pouches are light weight and this reduces the shipping costs both domestically as well as internationally.

Flexible pouches are bio-degradable – Pouches uses significantly less plastics compared to rigid plastic containers. Once they reach the landfill these pouches are degraded within 18 months.

Pouches reduces food waste – Flexible packaging extends the shelf life of easily perishable food products.

Standup Pouches are customizable – Flexible packaging manufacturers can create pouches of any shape and size to suit your product needs. All that you have to do is give the design and voila it’s there.

Standup Pouches have gusseted bottom – The flexible pouches have the gusseted bottom feature that is useful for the manufacturers who make liquid food. When you pour the sauces or any liquid into it, the bottom expands. Therefore, it is not only flexible but also durable.

Logos can be printed on the pouches – With the advent of rotogravure printing, you can have clear logos and brand tag printed on the pouches.

Food is safe inside flexible pouches – Pouches are made using food grade materials that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Food product manufacturers can get pouch manufacturers to add an additional layer of ultraviolet protection.

Features Of Superior Quality Pouch Film Used In Packaging

When you select pouch films for your product from reputed packaging films manufacturers the following properties is what you get.

  • Chemical resistance
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • Heat seal ability
  • Easy to open
  • Moisture, Oxygen and Light resistance

Pouch films can be used in various application ranging from chemical grade to food grade. Flexible packaging is a better alternative to rigid packaging.

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