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Sustainable Packaging: Creating a Greener tomorrow

Sustainable Packaging: Creating a Greener tomorrow

Packaging is an essential brand promotional tool that plays a pivotal role in helping brands differentiate their product offerings. The pack design, in conjunction with the information presented and its presentation, is the first touch point in the customer journey experience; almost deciding the next few steps in the sales cycle.

Packaging industry seems to be gravitating towards the Flexible packaging owing to its multi-fold energy and environment benefits. With its versatile nature, light weight, reduced cost and improved shelf life due to barrier properties, flexible packaging films have become the preferred choice over traditional packaging materials. Flexible packaging films are used in variety of applications and clearly offer myriads of advantages; however, disposal of discarded plastic films raises environmental concerns. It has become increasingly important for packaging industry to come up with more sustainable packaging solutions to tackle this crisis.

The ever-increasing global pollution rate and drastic climate change are indicators that a package is not the only thing that needs to be handled with care. Environmental protection organisations and experts are encouraging companies across industries to promptly adopt sustainable packaging methodologies. This would help companies follow a circular economy approach.

Today’s age, where environmental awareness is widespread, unsustainable packaging can be destructive not just to the environment but to a company’s sustainability reputation as well. At Cosmo Films, we understand that even a small positive eco-impact is important and we strive to create superior and eco-friendly alternatives to existing non-recyclable products.

Some of the easily recyclable homogeneous structures developed by Cosmo Films are:

  • BOPP/Poly
  • BOPP/Met BOPP/Poly
  • BOPP/Met High Barrier BOPP/CPP

The traditional non-recyclable 3 ply structure, Pet, Paper & Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) used for soap wrappers, have now been replaced with Cosmo Film’s BOPP based completely recyclable 2 ply laminates.

In order to develop this laminate, the outer printing layer was made from clear OPP, while white OPP was chosen for sealant layer. This new completely recyclable laminate not only has superior material properties compared to the previous 3 ply structure, but is also cost-effective because of the minor modifications Cosmo Films made to its machines, while making the switch.

Also, our high temperature resistant film can replace outermost PET layer in certain laminate structures with minor modifications in the heat seal machines. This gives us an option to replace PET/Met PET/PE with BOPP/Ultra high barrier Met BOPP/CPP structure.

The BOPP based 2 ply laminates developed by Cosmo Films, perfectly demonstrate the company’s goal to provide sustainable packaging solutions while satisfying our customers performance and aesthetic requirements.

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