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Why Labeling Quilts & Blankets Is Important? How to Make Labels Durable & Appealing?

Why Labeling Quilts & Blankets Is Important? How to Make Labels Durable & Appealing?

Winter, a season synonymous with cozy & warm blankets, quilts & clothes, is just a few months away. While it is getting ready to knock at your door, are you? There can be a tremendous demand for quilts & blankets during winters. As multiple brands try to fill in for this demand, you need to make sure that yours stands out. Yes, producing superior quality products is important, but many manufacturers forget the most crucial element that helps in the customer’s buying decision—branding. Things like product tags & labels are your brand ambassador on the market’s shelf and must reflect your brand values.

Visually appealing & durable tags/labels can help you scale up your sales by many folds by making your product a preferred choice for customers. Scroll down to know the whys & hows of labeling your quilts & blankets.

It’s needless to say that labels are important. If you’re restraining from spending your time & money on this tiny element, here are a few reasons that would change your mind.

  1. Handling Details: A label contains the handling details of your product. Inefficient labels that get damaged even before reaching the customers fail to deliver handling information. This could increase customer complaints about product damage on incorrect usage.
  2. USPs: What makes your product different from others? The fabric quality & other superior materials used, maybe. But your customers won’t know that. Customers today want to make informed purchases & if your label provides them the details they’re looking for, then they’re more likely to buy it.
  3. Branding: A small element like a label can go a long way in building your brand reputation. For instance, you go to a store & come across a nice quilt. To know more about it, you further check its label, but the label is torn or damaged. What will that say about the brand? As a result, you might check out other products & purchase the next product with proper labeling.

Finding the right substrate to print your labels is the most important factor to ensure durability & aesthetic appeal. These days, brands are switching to synthetic papers to print their labels. Synthetic paper is a 100% tear and tree-free substitute of conventional paper that is resistant to moisture & oil. Some synthetic papers are recyclable too, promoting sustainability & a circular economy. While selecting the synthetic paper for your application, you must ask for its compatibility with your printing techniques & other requirements. It is wise to look for a versatile solution that adapts to changing needs & technologies.

At Cosmo Films, we are a globally renowned synthetic paper manufacturer, trusted by multiple brands for our superior quality & versatile solutions. Our Cosmo Synthetic Paper offers the following benefits:

  1. Is resistant to tear, moisture, & oil.
  2. Boasts of unmatched tensile & tear strength.
  3. Provides designing liberty.
  4. Brings imagination to life with superior print quality.
  5. Is a tree-free and eco-friendly solution that can be recycled.
  6. Is compatible with stitching & other processes.
  7. Allows hot foil stamping for elaborate designs.
  8. Is compatible with multiple print technologies.

We are helping organizations reshape their branding on tags & labels with Cosmo Synthetic Paper. Wanna explore the possibility of using Cosmo Synthetic Paper for your application? CSP can help you bring down your production cost in an efficient & sustainable manner. Connect with our friendly team of experts, who are here to help you throughout the process.

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