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Transparent label facestock films

Majority of the home care & personal care products around the globe use our Label Face Stock Films for their self-adhesive label needs. Our Label Facestock Films also find usage in imparting functional and aesthetic appeal in beverage and pharmaceutical products. Our wide range of Label films meant for label face stock are Universal Printable films; which means that they can deliver superior print performance across diverse printing processes which include UV, flexography, gravure, letterpress and offset. The films are also compatible with all ink based systems, i.e., UV, water based and solvent.

Available Types:

C1015 (PR) : Transparent Pressure Sensitive Label Facestock Film


It is a co-extruded, clear, one side coated for print receptivity and other side corona treated Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film


  • Coated print surface for excellent ink adhesion and high speed press performance Wide compatibility with ink system (UV, solvent based etc.}
  • Spectacular print performance across wide variety of printing process {flexography, gravure, silkscreen and hot or cold foiling etc.}
  • Corona treated surface suitable for adhesive receptivity
  • High stiffness for conversion and dispensing
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Excellent clarity for a "no label" look


  • Pressure sensitive labeling