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The Role of DTP Films in On-Demand Labelling and Customization

The Role of DTP Films in On-Demand Labelling and Customization

In this dynamic flexible film packaging market, it's important to quickly adapt to the changing market trends and understand the preferences of the consumer. Therefore, a need to find a perfect solution that overcomes these challenges, along with solving problems like long lead times, high costs, and limited flexibility, was required.


DTP film is the answer that offers on-demand printing capabilities enabling exceptional levels of customization. Let's read ahead to understand how Direct Thermal Label Films facilitate on-demand printing and empower the brands to enhance their labelling application.


Let's start with understanding DTP films and their features.


What Are DTP Films?

DTP films are BOPP based films with a proprietary coating which enables the formation of an image or impression on the films upon contact with the heated print head of a thermal printer. A protective layer is generally applied to protect the coated surface from mechanical abrasion, damage due to climatic factors, chemical products, etc. Direct thermal printing is generally used for tagging and labelling applications where elaborate printing is not required, and printing is done only for critical information like barcodes.


In direct thermal printable film, heat is used to print the image. This printing technology uses a matrix that contains "ink" in a colour less form as a coating on the surface. The application of heat from the print head of a thermal printer activates the ink to develop colour, and the image is formed. Drying of coating is very critical and normally takes place at low temperatures to avoid pre-image formation.


Features of Cosmo DTP Films

  1.  Water-resistant
  2.  Oil Resistant
  3.  Offer Matte Finish
  4. Delivers sharp, dark images
  5. Excellent rub resistance
  6. Outstanding dimensional stability
  7. Suitable to print with UV & water base flexo
  8. Customizable

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